Gut Flora Exhibition

Many thanks to one of our participants for sharing this: they recently visited the Radcliffe Science Library's "Gut Flora" exhibition. This art-photography series showcases University research about gut bacteria, how these bacteria interact with antibiotics, and what the interactions mean for our health. 

The collection was created by University medical researcher Dr Nicola Fawcett and photographer Chris Wood, and is on display in the Hooke Staircase of the library until May 2017. Access is restricted to those with a University card, but you can view all of the images online here (scroll down for the individual images and their explanations).

As the exhibition material explains:

"Microbes live on us, and with us. They don't just make us ill - they also protect us from infection, and keep us healthy. Our gut is like a forest, or garden, where microbes flourish in a balanced, mini ecosystem."
"Competition keeps bacteria under control. One way we can prevent the spread of 'antibiotic-resistant bacteria' is by preserving the 'good' bacteria in our guts, to heep the resistant ones in check. We can do this by not overusing antibiotics, and saving them only for when we really need them"

You can read more about Nicola Fawcett's work on her blog.