Visualising the microbiome can be tricky - after all, bacteria are pretty hard to see.

But there are some interesting and fun attempts being made. Below are links to some of our favourites; and at the bottom is a list of useful microbiome-related websites from which they are drawn.

The Invisible Universe of The Human Microbiome - a 5 minute TED-Ed animation about good germs.

The Built Environment Microbiome - a 1 minute film from BioBE.

The Indoor Microbiome - another 1 minute BioBE visualisation.

meet your microbes - a minute-long trailer for the Micropia exhibition that's a fun way to think about microbes.

The Human Microbiome - 2 hours of presentations by some of the key scientists working in this area (Rob Knight, Martin Blaser, Eric Alm, John Cryan) at the Boston Museum of Science in 2013.

Exploring The Invisible - microbiologist and artist Simon Park's blog. Videos, pictures, words.

Selected web & press articles on the micro biome:

Michael Pollan - 'Some of My Best Friends Are Germs'

Ed Yong - 'Why Are Your Gut Microbes Different From Mine?'; you can also watch Ed give a lecture at The Royal Institution, drawing  on his new book about microbial ecologies, I Contain Multitudes, here.

The Economist - 'Microbes Maketh Man'

Brooke Borel at TED - 'It's all around us: Three scientists on how the microbiome shapes our world'


Useful microbiome-related websites:

Invisible Life - These blogs about the invisible life around us come from the 'Your Wild Life' project, run out of North Carolina State University, U.S.

microBEnet - This site for the microbiology of the built environment network, run by Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis, is aimed at scientists and policymakers and draws together recent research.

Microbe World - A site (and an app) from the American Society for Microbiology, it has lots of useful information and microbe-related news.

Meet Your Microbiome - a new exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History, with some interesting online content including a talk by Martin Blaser

Micropia - This is the website of 'the world's first museum of microbes', located in Amsterdam, NL.

BioBE - The 'Biology and the Built Environment Center' at the University of Oregon, run by Jessica Green. 

Earth Microbiome Project - a collaborative effort by scientists to map microbial communities around the world.

The Eden Project - Nestled in next to the famous bubble-biomes in Cornwall, England is a fascinating new microbe exhibition and series of artworks.

The Human Microbiome Project - The central site for the huge US National Institutes of Health-funded efforts in microbiome science.

Small Things Considered - A blog from US microbiologist Elio Schaechter


Other fun-looking microbial citizen science projects:

The Showerhead Microbiome Project - led by Rob Dunn's lab, and running in the US and Europe.

The British Gut Project - A UK based "open source crowd funded" project, drawing on the same methods as the American Gut Project (see below).

The American Gut Project - US based project that is crowd-sourcing data on the links between the microbiome and human health.

Microbiome and personality - a project from the US company UBiome in cooperation with Oxford University's psychology department. 

Kitty biome - the microbiology of cats, a US project run out of UC Davis.